About Infinity Events

Infinity Events provides more than just your average event production.

With careful attention to detail and precision in execution, Infinity Events brings your happenings to a new level whether it be country chic weddings, extravagant galas, technology conferences, or business meetings. With over 12 years in the industry, Infinity Events will assist you in creating the perfect occasion to leave an everlasting impression on your guests and attendees. 

Our focus is to bring your event to life beyond anything you could imagine. Let us add touches and flourishes to create an exceptional event for you to relax and take part in, not stress and worry about the details. We design each event from the stand point of the attendee, ensuring that they are taken care of and wowed during every second. 

Our list of vendors and suppliers is specially honed and fine-tuned to bring you exceptional quality and value. Anything from venues, floral, catering, welcome bags, stationary, hand built displays, everything entertainment (impersonators, musicians/bands, stunt teams, snake charmers, and more!), linens, bakeries, and anything else necessary to create magic at your event!  

We can't wait to collaborate with you on your next event! Click below to contact us and get started TODAY!

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Originally from Washington State, Megan Gerber has always had the drive and desire to engage with people. Her passion led her to a career of event planning where she creates memorable and exquisite affairs. She's been named as one of the Top 25 Event Producers in Las Vegas and loves helping people take initial visions, elaborating upon them, and elevating them to the next level. In the end, seeing elated and satisfied clients is the best feeling in the world to Megan. Then she truly knows her attention to detail, wild imagination, trials, tribulations, and hard work during the planning and execution of the event has paid off. She has made an exceptional impression in their mind.

She has been involved for so long in the food and beverage industry, it has become another passion. She loves producing menus that set her events apart with exceptional selections. She believes food is a universal binding tool, bringing people together and one thing that can be shared and indulged in, no matter your background, age, gender, or language. Megan enjoys creating special memories over a shared meal. She believes this allows people to understand themselves and others, creating a connectedness that drives the world. She loves being a foodie and sharing that love, personally and professionally.

Megan graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Business Management. She furthered her education at University of Nevada-Las Vegas, obtaining two Master’s degrees, one in Hotel Administration-Event Planning and an MBA.

When not planning events, Megan loves to spend time with her kitten, Arya, and going hiking, camping, watching football, snowboarding, and traveling to explore anywhere. She enjoys retreating to the kitchen to cook and practice baking or into her craft room where she unleashes her creativity on new, challenging projects. Currently, she is learning to use her sewing machine, without sewing herself to the project!