FOMO: Events On the Go, Anytime, Anywhere

With the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) craze sweeping the nation, more and more event planners are looking to broadcast their events via the internet or apps. Skype and Google Hangouts have been around for a while and we have seen them pop up at certain events so that people who can't physically be there, now have the opportunity to engage with everyone. Bringing us to Snapchat (which most people have already interacted on and know that you can send brief clips of your world to all of your friends) and the go90 app from Verizon. Go90 allows you to view "primetime shows, live music & sports, plus the best of the web. At anytime. From anywhere." I had the opportunity to work with this technology and see it implemented at the Life Is Beautiful Festival. It was so great to have parts of our programming live streaming directly to everyone and also, to be able to access it after the fact, in case you were unable to make it to another stage to see an act or two of your favorites were scheduled at the same time. 

As our world becomes more and more connected, I believe this is the future technology that is going to allow users to be everywhere at once and attend events at their leisure. Be ready to incorporate more and more video cameras and live streaming options in to your events!

Adventures at Catersource & Event Solutions Tradeshow 2016

Most years I find myself attending at least the tradeshow portion of #CSES2016 and especially this year with the new company and venture, it was no exception. However, this year was the first year I was completely disappointed by the it on several levels. I know being in the events field this conference and tradeshow is mainly directed toward catering companies and commercial kitchens but several years ago they partnered together with Event Solutions to create a HUGE combined conference which catered to both sectors of the industry. This year was different. 

First, there was no tablescape competition or viewing area at the tradeshow. This has been and always was one of the highlights for me, getting to see the new trends and what other creative minds in my field were doing with florals, linens, themes, plateware, decor, chairs, etc. This creative element was always so unique as it featured people from around the country doing what they do best and creating absolutely gorgeous table settings. Trends and themes get overdone, stale, and used repetitively within certain areas and Vegas is no exception. Seeing the new ideas and trends from across the country was a fantastic way to get new ideas to spice up my events. 

Second, the tradeshow floor had significantly decreased from previous years. There were definitely not as  many vendors as in previous years. I heard that part of it was due to the outrageous pricing to be a vendor and cost of the convention space in general. Whether this was a factor or there were other factors involved, it was deflating knowing that this magnificent gathering of like-minded individuals was decreasing in size, rather than growing as it should be. 

Lastly, I found out that due to several factors that next year's conference and tradeshow will be held in New Orleans. Las Vegas is known for it's large scale conferences, events, and being host to many different large groups throughout the year. To hear we are losing the primary event planning and catering show to New Orleans, is disheartening and hopefully doesn't say anything about the changing landscape of events in Las Vegas.

Next year, money will definitely play a factor in my attendance at this conference with it not being in my backyard any longer. I will also have to seriously deliberate on whether the show will provide enough content and learning opportunities for the expenditure, given the state of this year's show. 

Hello World: Meet Infinity Events

It's been a long two years of "owning" a business and having a couple events completed, all while working in the corporate world, booking entertainment, and producing a large music and art festival. It has taught me A LOT of the good, bad, ugly, and positive lessons that needed to be learned in order to give my full attention to my business, growing it and moving forward successfully.  

Now, I find myself in the very unique position of being able to turn this dream into reality. One of the tasks I struggled with initially was creating a logo and branding Infinity Events. There were so many little things to consider and ponder as I was looking to perfect the main communication, presentation, and representation for any business. I am a perfectionist, slight control freak, and was too close to the project to be able to step back and not be critical and overthink it. Personally, I have sought out companies and other brands based on their marketing or avoided those companies who did a poor job of representing themselves. Branding, and what you put into the world to represent you and your company is the backbone for the impressions you make and says so much about a person and their business. 

I needed to bring in the hired guns and finally did. I saw a friend post about the new branding and business cards Markon Brand Design had created for his photography business and knew that they were the perfect team to accomplish what I was looking for. I couldn't have been more right! The whole process was amazing and felt so effortless, even though it was a stressful time knowing I was choosing to dive fully into this business and making solid, permanent decisions.  This is one of the first lessons I'm taking from beginning this experience: Sometimes investment in yourself and skills is a good thing and asking for helping/hiring other professionals is OK. You CANNOT be an expert in all things and just as you do what you're best at for your clients, let someone else help you. 

Now that I have a shiny new logo, all of the branding set up, and a fancy new website from Markon Brand Design, I'm finally ready to launch full force into the world! I'm ready to shine and make people's events spectacular beyond their wildest dreams. 

Lastly - 

 A HUGE SHOUT OUT goes to my ever loving, patient, kind, faithful, loyal, supportive boyfriend who has accompanied me on this journey of trying to find myself and my path after graduate school. It's been a bumpy road, full of ups and downs, highs and lows, rough at times, but it's about to smooth out and it's on to the sky, because there is no limit on what we can do together and with this company! I love you, penguin. Thanks for believing in me and always making me smile. :)